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PoloPlast is a manufacturer of paper cups, plastic cups, plastic spoons for ice cream shops around the world, "Made in Italy 100%" products since 1954, with good product lines for the environment.

Years of customer voted as the product behind but there are great improvements over rivals born in Italy. Products for Gelato ice cream, ice cream, and other soft drinks branded PoloPlast have been trusted in Italy for a long time.

Highlights are products made from plastic, paper, compounds combining plastic, wood, bamboo ... necessary for the production of gelato ice cream cups or flexible yogurt in the world.

With a deep understanding of finding new construction solutions, PoloPlast has developed the best product lines as today. The most demanding customers also come to Poloplast to own the most professional, safest, easiest-to-use, most flexible, durable, efficient and top-quality products in Italy.


In Vietnam, you can buy PoloPlast products at Vuakem systems (TADAVINA)

CHYBA is the restaurant with Italian-style, located in Hai Phong city, Vietnam since 2020.


CHYBA with Gelato, Yogurt, Espresso, Tea, Pizza have never been ignored because of Italian style. Café has Espresso, coffee milkshake, traditional coffee by grinding at the machine, especially made Gelato everyday, always new and very delicious. Other foods combined with Italian Gelato and Coffee here. 


CHYBA's Concept has ever supported by Rubicone ingredients and Camardo coffee beans in Italia, showing best value for life in all high quality products .


CHYBA is exactly the darling of products with Italian style but very simple creams and drinks, not too picky but really satisfied with all customers.


Beside of Italian ingredients, Chyba serve family breakfast, lunch, dinner with natural products planted in Cat Ba island like fresh vegetable, fruits, seeds. So that people come here will be satisfied with Chyba Menu.


About Chyba, the large spaces with flowers and green trees, or beautiful sightseeing makes one wonderfull place to enjoy Italian Gelato or coffee, or fruit tea, or family meal with close friends, lovers, partners..


If you’re looking for a delicious Italian meal, visit CHYBA today! Everything is made fresh daily, and we use nothing but the highest-quality, freshest ingredients.


Open from 7:00 am-22 pm (Mon - Tue), from 7:30 am - 23:30 pm (Fri - Sun), at 60/2A New Area, So Dau, Hong Bang, Hai Phong city, Vietnam. Delivery service available.


For more information, Contact CHYBA at (+84) 2252-833-111 !


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