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Gelato King is the brand, providing materials for ice cream powders, ice cream equipments, pastries, coffee and specialized equipments used in the hotels, restaurants.  With a team of experienced and well trained persons and with the motto 'Simply Is Quality', when you are our customers, you will be supporting the associated services as follows: To build business ideas, Set up menu, Support, Construction consultancy, Support for customers, 24/7 Technical Support, Provide training and human resources.

Gelato King is one of the channel not only sell displayed and sold materials for ice cream, ice cream machine, hard ice cream machine, ice cream powder, ice cream maker, ice cream display cabinets, ice machines, freezers, freezer, microwave , hot food holding cabinets, and the restaurant utensils, preparation tools, instruments coffee ..

With the famous brands as Rubicone, Taycool, Tecmach, Innova, Cofrimell, Fama, Caffitaly, LaSpaziale, Snooker ... with the world's most famous come from Italy, France, China.

Gelato King, we are always looking to add another prestigious manufacturers in the world for cooperation and development, bringing products to consumers in Asia, as well as world-known ice cream brand.

Gelato King, we always identify distributors, sales channels across the country to collaborate PR, introduce and sell products to a wider market.

Support personnel training as ice cream, café, pastry, and beverage items.

Now, food and beverages not only occupies an indispensable position in any of the restaurant industry, hotels ... but also plays an important role in increasing the profits of the enterprise by providing the F & B special menu for your customers. We want to give you a lot of new solutions, access to new trends to meet the dietary needs of the growing majority of customers. The most important thing we desire to deliver for our customers that are reaching satisfaction and earn maximum profit.

The strategic objective of our becoming a good partner, a reliable in Vietnam market in sectors F & B for foreign suppliers and customers in Vietnam, through the provision of quality services high with in-depth knowledge of products, systems integration, installation, commissioning, testing and other after-sales services.

We try our best to provide customers with high quality service and professionalism. This can be from the sales staff, technician, providing customers with the optimal solution to solve the issues, business ethics, and compliance with delivery commitments and most important of all is the attentive care to each customers.


CHYBA is the restaurant with Italian-style, located in Hai Phong city, Vietnam since 2020.


CHYBA with Gelato, Yogurt, Espresso, Tea, Pizza have never been ignored because of Italian style. Café has Espresso, coffee milkshake, traditional coffee by grinding at the machine, especially made Gelato everyday, always new and very delicious. Other foods combined with Italian Gelato and Coffee here. 


CHYBA's Concept has ever supported by Rubicone ingredients and Camardo coffee beans in Italia, showing best value for life in all high quality products .


CHYBA is exactly the darling of products with Italian style but very simple creams and drinks, not too picky but really satisfied with all customers.


Beside of Italian ingredients, Chyba serve family breakfast, lunch, dinner with natural products planted in Cat Ba island like fresh vegetable, fruits, seeds. So that people come here will be satisfied with Chyba Menu.


About Chyba, the large spaces with flowers and green trees, or beautiful sightseeing makes one wonderfull place to enjoy Italian Gelato or coffee, or fruit tea, or family meal with close friends, lovers, partners..


If you’re looking for a delicious Italian meal, visit CHYBA today! Everything is made fresh daily, and we use nothing but the highest-quality, freshest ingredients.


Open from 7:00 am-22 pm (Mon - Tue), from 7:30 am - 23:30 pm (Fri - Sun), at 60/2A New Area, So Dau, Hong Bang, Hai Phong city, Vietnam. Delivery service available.


For more information, Contact CHYBA at (+84) 2252-833-111 !


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